Significances of Dupatta in Pakistan for Ladies

A dupatta is a long, flowing, unstitched piece of suit that women wear. Whether summer or winter, they decide to wear it. There are many faces of dupattas that it can be worn in, like a shawl, or scarf, draped around the head, or wrapped around the head and shoulders to protect you from cold winds while stepping out on a winter evening.

The dupatta is not only used for fashion, but it has many other advantages too. The fabric of dupatta can protect you from rainfall and dust. The benefits of dupattas are never ending, and that’s what makes them important among ladies in Pakistan.

Women Dupattas as Fashion

Dupattas are worn by women of different culture, or race. This glorious piece of clothing has been the art of clothing for centuries, and we get that by looking at it only. They use it as fashion now. Brides at their wedding use it to cover their heads. This gives them a decent look on their big day.

Dupattas as Health and Wellness

Dupatta aren’t just used for fashion, but they have a lot of advantages hidden. Firstly, they keep you safe from those harmful UV rays during your everyday work. If someone is exposed to them, it can lead them to severe diseases such as skin cancer, or premature ageing, etc. However, wearing a dupatta properly can help you to be secure from it. It is not necessary for you to wear it in a particular style. It always is your choice to decide how to wear it, but if something offers you this much of an advantage, you should not let go of this opportunity.

The History of Dupattas

Dupatta is a part of many outfits such as Kurtis, choli, ghagra etc. The beginning of dupatta was in South Asia and Central Asia in around 200bc. The sub-continent started making the dupattas in cotton fabric. To give it a more beautiful touch, they also did heavy embroidery on it. These heavily embroidered dupattas soon gained popularity in the market of Asia. Soon dupattas manufacturing started in many other fabrics except for cotton.

Summary and takeaways

If we see from a religious point of view dupatta is a very important part for ladies. When a woman wears it, she is seen as a very respectful lady. Dupatta has been seen as a symbol of pride in Pakistan. The mother of Pakistan, Fatima Ali Jinnah, used to wear the white dupatta in all of her ceremonies she used to attend. All schools have made it necessary in Pakistan for girls to wear dupattas. A dupatta may have one or all of the following meanings: it may symbolize an essence of femininity, flare for film and literature; political statement; cultural icon, hindrance, or a sign of dignity.

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