Banarsi Fabrics

ARBanarsi sells the best quality and huge variety of fabrics that you can buy online for your loved ones. This variety includes Pure fabrics such as Kattan, Chiffon, Atlas, Tissue, Kaamdani, Organza as well as semi pure fabrics such as satin silk and bumper.

Banarsi Sarees are one of the best attires, which are famous for their golden/ silver brocade or dawn, fine silk. Banarsi saree is also called Dar Jannat (Heaven) and has deep roots in Asian culture and tradition.

Banarsi Loose material can be worn as a full three-piece dress or can be used to complement the dress by wearing it as a dupatta or lehnga. They are also enhanced by fine embroidery of Zari on it.

Banarsi Suits and Orhani contain stylish designs such as floral, leaves patterns, and grids as well as Mughal boteh motifs that are known since the Mughal era.

Our clothing features are intertwined with intricate floral and leaf patterns, kalga or bel. On the outside, there is a series of vertical leaves called jhallar, and the edges are a distinguishing special feature of these sarees. Other highlighted characteristics include embroidery with pure Zari, tight weaving, fine fabric material, Jal (mesh pattern), and Meenakari work. Multiple celebrities occasionally wear our outfits.

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