The founder Mr. Abdul Hakim Ansari (late), with his inherent and ingrained family trait, took a humble start in the universal and richest art of weaving silks in Varanasi, India and after migration to Pakistan continued in Banaras Town, Karachi in 1956. As an artisan, he used his knowledge and wisdom to produce finest quality dress materials and sarees to be made from handlooms. In the walk of his periodic journey into innovation, each of his collection- like a masterpiece of art- brought remarkable market credibility to his name. This success was handed down to his sons who patronized the business operations under the banner Banarsi Al-Rahim Brothers. Living up to their family trait, they not only proved ‘the chip off the old block’ but undertook aggressive moves to turn their business around. Not only they used handlooms, but also employed skilled workers for refined hand weaved clothes to satisfy customer on each of their celebration and their varied moods.



Banarsi Al-Rahim Brothers is a women’s clothing store that uses pure silk thread as basic raw material to weave basic fabric in their Silver Silk Industry. We make the best silk sarees and dresses for bridal & party wear with special & ethnic designs. Our Silk Saree Dress is pretty popular all over Pakistan. Ladies can buy silk sarees and dresses online or by visiting our shops in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. Women can find their favorite sarees, unstitched suits, ready-to-wear dresses, and dupattas, and choose the loose fabric of their choice for customized dresses.
The weaving of Brocades with intricate designs using Gold & Silver threads has been our specialty. Gold & Silver threads are used along with or without pure silk threads, thrust either as special weft or warp to create glittering raised ornamentation. To name a few, Jamdani, Jangla, Jamawaar, Tan Choi, Tissue, Cutwork, and Butidar are the different techniques employed to weave sarees and dress materials with special & ethnic designs for bridal & party wear. Despite the closure of silk thread production in Pakistan, we reestablished the culture of producing silk thread by a certain insect larva to form cocoons. Further on we have advanced to produce cotton silk. Stringent quality control at every sequence of weaving is ensured by our team of Production Supervisors.

Banarsi Al-Rahim Brothers is proud of its large number of weavers who not only kept alive their traditional skills but also played a profound role in cultivating customers’ confidence and loyalty. With a competitive edge in the richest commercial avenues of Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, we cater to the latest fashion trend in a traditional way. Growing demand of the fabric is the driving force for us to go for more geographic coverage in near future as we proclaim: “Our Idea of Fashion Is Universal”.









We Stand Out By Our Products Because All Our Products Are Manufactured At Our Own Facility.